How it Works

Intuition, in contrast to reasoning, is an immediate apprehension or cognition based on unconscious knowledge or conviction . In general parlance, intuition is defined as “knowing something without knowing how you know it” . Regardless of the long-lasting debate on its true nature all philosophers and psychologists have believed that intuition is exploitable and accessible by different means of practice . Recent studies not only investigated behavioural outcome of intuitional decision making , but also its underlying brain mechanisms . These studies have led to the understanding that not necessarily good judgements require complex decision making process , and consequently intuitional decision making has found stronger recognition .

In recent years research has focused on off-pitch training in order to improve on-pitch performance . It has been shown that Video-based training is one of the most well accepted off-pitch training methods . It has been claimed that these trainings can improve intuitional decision making . We have developed a solution to facilitate this training and more importantly enable both trainer and trainee to have reciprocal interaction and benefit from a cycle of training, test, feedback and improvement.